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The Roar Of Silence


Volume 2 - Issue 11 - # 3/The Roar of Silence

By Ms. A.J. Mahari (aka soul)

"If we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrel's heart beat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of silence."

--George Eliot

On the other side of all the noise the exists in our lives is silence. And as George Eliot says, on the other side of that silence there is another world of sound. A cherished but not often visited land of nature and spiritual wonder. So tied are we to the concrete jungle and all the sounds of our hi-tech- machine driven world that we may not even stop to ponder this parallel place.

When you listen, what do you hear? Are you listening to the sound of the concrete jungle or to the absence of sound, loud though it is, roaring in nature and in your spirit?

What do you hear in those sounds? The sounds that many would say are merely the absence of concrete jungle sounds. What do you hear? Can you sit there in the quiet, when you can find it, feeling and experiencing your essence? Do you know your essence? Are you a free enough thinker to go there? Dare to be different.

Try it. Risk. Reach out to reach in to your self. Honour your self. Let no one else define you for you. Seek the wisdom of the winds. Wander through the wonder that is your inner world. Sit there .... ah the quiet! Just soak it up. Let it define you. Let everything else go. Be in the moment. Hear the grass growing?

There is nothing as soul-energizing as peace and quiet, with perhaps, the wind whistling at your windows, or distant sounds of a train or the hum-drum drone of distant traffic, even.

We can achieve quiet even in the midst of all the noise that exists in our concrete jungle world. Quiet, now, is more a state of being, than it is the absence of noise.

Be open to the roar that exists on the other side of silence. Experience the spiritual song of your soul. Sit with yourself. Be with yourself. Let the dance of all that sits in juxtaposed-parallel splendor soothe your soul.

Outer world, inner world. World of wondrous nature and world of concrete jungle. All beckon you simultaneously. The choice as to which way you turn is always yours. Dare to risk opting for something new. Dare to go within. Focusing always outwardly is living without. Living without so much of the splendor and satiating wonder that exists within each of us.

The roar of silence summons you. Can you feel that pull? That pull to know more of life than just the surface?

Step out from behind the noise of life. Step into the solace of cerebral and spiritual solitude. Reach into your self to reach back out to the world, calmer, more secure, validated, confident and self-sufficient.

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