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November 20/07 -

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The World According to Stephan


Insight about being autistic

From Amanda Baggs who has autism and was seen on CNN.

Masha, an adult woman who found out she had Asperger's Syndrome (AS) from her Daughter's Psychiatrist, after her daughter was diagnosed with AS talks about what her Aspie daughter's struggles.

My daughter's biggest struggle and challenge is loneliness.

She does not feel accepted by the more affluent parent's in our town. There aren't any children that are assessible to meet or play with outside on the playground. You need to set up a play date for children to be together. And guess what, parents say no. She has few girls at school who accept her. They are more buddies than friends.

My girl had a depression, tried to develop a bulimia, to become thinner and a little more popular. Fortunately we stopped it few months after.

She is diagnosed with the anxiety disorder and OCD. The world famous Boston Children's hospital was unable to identify Asperger syndrome in her, even after my direct question about it. We are with a private psychiatrist now and feel much happier. She did not have any health problems before the age of 11, when she got under the terrible pressure in the middle school.

It was at the age of 11 when then things started popping up one after another. First bulimia, then arms cutting, then seizures, which turned out to be not Epilepsy, but somewhat stress movements, Tourette syndrome? When I asked her why she cut her arms, she said clearly, that the physical pain relieves an emotional one.

This summer we bought a house and moved to a different street within our town. We found a little private farm just on our street. The older people who ran the farm turned out so nice. She worked as a volunteer there every single day for 4 months, even after the school started. She is much better spiritually now.

She is much more confident, much more agreeable and much easier to deal with. She told me just today, that someone put a note on her locker at school."You are stupid and you know it". She told me that she simply threw it out. I am proud.

We had a parent teacher conference last week, all 7 teachers said: she is very bright, talks off the topic sometimes, absolutely refuses to work with peers, the organization suffers, her folder is a mess. All sounds like a diagnoses and yet, they are completely unaware. We do not disclose it at school.

The school's attitude to it is special needs. We do not want it. Forgot to mention, she sang in the opera last year and loved it. She sings in the school chorus now, does the community service, does the food pantry.

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