I Am a Question


Volume 4 - Issue 11 - # 3/I am a Question...

By Ms. A.J. Mahari (aka soul)

I am a question to the world. I am a work in progress. I am always uncovering layers of who I really I am. I am constantly learning, changing and maturing.

I am a question to the world. I am here. I am the me that I know right now. I want to feel that I belong. I am tired of trying to change for a world that continues to stay the same. Irony is not lost on me.

I am a question to the world. The answer, however, belongs only to me. I do not have to share anything about the real me with the world unless I want to. Though I be judged as different or "weird" I have a right to search for my own answers and no obligation to ensure that others understand.

Seeking to feel real. Seeking to feel all that can I feel. Seeking to belong in all that means in any given moment or on any given day. We cannot belong in the world until we can belong and feel comfortable -- at home in our skin first.

I, as a question to the world, continue to strive for the answers that make my existence the most meaningful.

I am a question to the world. I want to understand. I want to be understood. I want to be able to value others more. I want to be valued more by others. I will be gentle and understanding with myself, even if others can't find a way to be gentle and understanding with me. I will actively care about myself, and take care of myself, even if others can't seem to care about me.

Whether well connected or constantly disconnected, each and every single human being, matters in the grand scheme of life as it unfolds. Don't question that.

Be a question to the world. Seek your own private answers. Know that you matter. Alone is okay. There is power in being just one. Let the light of your question, your essence and your soul shine brightly to a troubled world mired in violence and the drive for power and control. Surrender to the question that you are, today, and every day, in the world, in your own life.

I am a question to the world.

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